Join Rebranding

Join is a homeless outreach organization that has been serving the Portland Metro area since 1992. This year, I was approached to develop a new brand identity for Join.

The logotype reflects Join’s focus on community and education, reframing viewpoints on homelessness and reaching out in an open and transparent manner.

  • OT-Human1
  • OT-Human2

Developed as a proof-of-concept, OnTrack is a minimal time-tracking app for freelancers that logs work hours and encourages productivity through a reward-system.
For now, OnTrack is front-end only. This could change if I ever learn how to program an app.

  • Featured Work: Elk Horn Brewery
  • Summer Love
    summer love@2x
  • Sirberlin
  • Flyin' Hawaiian IPA
    flyin hawaiian@2x
  • Sasquatch's Shadow
    sas shadow@2x
  • Lemon Pils
    lemon pils@2x
  • Velvet Antler Red
  • Perfect 10 Imperial IPA
    Perfect 10 Imperial IPA

When you are entrenched in the craft beer industry, it’s hard to find the time to develop your own merch. Elk Horn Brewery, located in Eugene, OR, is a family-owned gastropub and a regular client. Many of the projects for EHB highlight typography as well as basic character design.
Designing for EHB is always a blast!

Making Stuff & Doing Things Cover

The cover for Making Stuff & Doing Things is one of my favorite projects. I was tapped by Microcosm Publishing to redesign the cover for the fourth edition of this anthology.



The illustrations were created as an homage to the late Keith Haring, whose simple gestures & high-energy artwork will always inspire me. The updated version will be available in December, and you’ll be able to order it here.

Evil Genius IPA

Printing doesn’t just involve an Epson and some copy paper – sometimes you have to step away from the computer and get back to basics. This project utilizes a linocut print repurposed for beer packaging.




Evil Genius is a fictional beer from Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem, NC.

Cash Bound

In order to get ahold of my finances, I created a pocket-sized ledger that allows me to track income, expenditures, and credit card purchases, as well as my mood.




Once production details have been ironed out & refined, Cash Bound will be available for purchase online.

Rejected Logos

Rejected Logos_better loafing

Rejected Logos_crumley roberts

Rejected Logos_naismith

Date & Thyme


d&t-launch mockup

d&t-in the wild

GSO Zombie Run Series

The Greensboro Zombie Run is an annual 2-Mile race/obstacle course through the heart of Downtown Greensboro. This ad series is meant as an homage to the zombie posters of old, but with a urban, pop-art twist.

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop
rule 1

rule 4

rule 12

The 2014 City Market Series

The City Market is a recent addition to Greensboro’s event scene. I originally worked on this project with Amanda McDowell of Brass Button Studio. The following ad series was developed to reflect the theme of each event, to be printed as posters and newspaper ads.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

cm-event poster-final