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I Make Things

I’ve been helping small businesses and events step forward from the ordinary and become something more. Each design is crafted with care & dedication to match the spirit of the client’s business, as it should be. Check out some of my work and see what I could be doing for you.

The Works
  • Featured Work: Elk Horn Brewery
  • Flyin' Hawaiian IPA
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  • Sasquatch's Shadow
    sas shadow@2x
  • Lemon Pils
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  • Velvet Antler Red

Elk Horn Brewery

Illustrations and type-treatments for a local brewery.

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Mobile Time-Tracking App

Developed as a proof-of-concept, OnTrack is a minimal time-tracking app for freelancers that logs work hours and encourages productivity through a reward-system.
For now, OnTrack is front-end only. This could change if I ever learn how to program an app.

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Every business, every event, every band deserves a visual identity that reflects what they’re about. My passion is the development of logos, especially for those that are in desperate need of one. This passion prompted me to start my weekly Thirty Dollar Thursdays.


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Cables & Volts

My work for Cables & Volts denotes a level of professionalism you’d expect from a larger company, with a dash of rock ‘n’ roll. Who says these guys can’t be hip?

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About Me

What You Never Thought You Needed to Know...

I am a freelance graphic designer, roaming the world in search of new challenges and victories.

I’ve relocated from my home of North Carolina to the wilds of Portland, Oregon, in search of vast treasures such as artisinal coffee and solid-color hoodies. I’m here to help – get in touch and we can make something amazing.

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